I’m not right – Really.

School starts in three weeks, and I've already embarrased my oldest. We were looking through Eline (The online system at school) for his classes and materials lists and I came across the syllibus for 12th grade Bible. David (his teacher) posted they will be studying "Joshua and Judges, Wisdom Literature, and the Pauline Epistles."Now it [...]

Things a Mom Says

I wish I'd written them down. You know those things you wind up saying as a mom that you can't believe you've ever said? Those really weird phrases that go beyond the momisms like "brush your teeth and sit up straight" to the realm of "wow, blue hair. Nice. Yes you can keep it for [...]

My Poor Guinne Pig (not for the weak stomached)

Warning - this is not for the easily queasied...but this is my life today.Snickers - our family guinne pig, passed to his peaceful rest, right in front of the vet's office. In my sons arms. As I was putting the car into park. One minute he's here, the next he isn't. I had an appointment. [...]