I’m not right – Really.

School starts in three weeks, and I’ve already embarrased my oldest. We were looking through Eline (The online system at school) for his classes and materials lists and I came across the syllibus for 12th grade Bible. David (his teacher) posted they will be studying “Joshua and Judges, Wisdom Literature, and the Pauline Epistles.”

Now it could have happened to anyone really. I mean who refers to Paul’s Epistles as Pauline Epistles?

So I emailed David and asked, in all sincerity, “Who’s She?”

Well, she is really He (Paul) and not some distant cousin, sister, or alter ego. But after sharing my mistake with a girlfriend, we fed off each other and decided that the world really does need a Pauline and her Epistles. So, we’re working on a list of things Paul would have written if he were female…

And now for something completely different: This is the action figure I found in Chicago. “Miracle Hands Jesus” complete with water to wine jug and loaves and fish. The hands even glow in the dark – I thought it was hilarious and wanted to bring it back to show the team, but Jeff wouldn’t let me buy it. Seems he was afraid of lightening striking our car or something.

That reminds me. I dated a boy with miracle hands in high school.

We used to call him the octopus.

If he kept his hands to himself, we considered it a miracle.


Okay – I’ve told enough bad jokes for one day – be blessed ya’ll and have a wonderful week.

“You know you come from a backwoods church when

your pastor sneezes and you think it’s a baptism.” – Pauline.

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