When Staying at the Hospital with Your Child

Hospital trips are never fun even when they are planned. If you ever find yourself with a planned hospital trip with your child, young or old here are a few ideas for you to take along.1. Handheld games such as video games of all sorts - Dillon owns a PSP, but any hand held will [...]

A Mother’s Guilt and God’s Grace for Parents.

There is nothing that shows the truth about relationships like being under video surveillance for 48 hours - with a teenager to humble you - or me rather. What on earth made me think I could handle that trip alone is beyond me… That was mistake - and a good experience all at once. It [...]

No Pictures MOM!

We arrived at the Cook's Children's Hospital in Fort Worth at about 11:15 yesterday morning. It's a 5 1/2 hour drive from Broken Arrow.I am presently sleep deprived so I apologize now for all typos and grammatical errors. ;-)I wanted to document this trip a bit, but Dillon won't allow pictures. I don't blame him [...]

My Tower, His Power and Strength

When was the last time you ran to Christ? Was this morning in prayer? Last night? Last week? Last year? When was the last time you felt his strength, love, or peace? Is the Name of the Lord Your strong tower? There was a time, when I felt so lost and so alone, that I [...]