Christmas Eve Services at our home congregation are always beautiful. Every year, we have the Children’s Program at 5 pm and the Candelight Service at 11. Our family likes to go to both.

Every year pastor has a child read the Christmas Story (Luke 2:1-20). This year little Amber was chosen. Amber has grown a lot since I directed the children’s program four years ago. Back then she stole everyone’s heart as the runaway angel. This year she is reading a mouthful of a story. Amber did a great job and only tripped up once on the names in verse one. There was a soft “oopsies” and she started again. That took courage. More than I probably have most days. I’m proud of my angel.

My diningroom traditionally becomes shipping and receiving central the week before Christmas. It’s where I work on my goodies, cards, gifts, etc. I was in a bit of a hurry this year, and rather than put stuff away to make room for Christmas dinner, I chose an old standby – throw everything into a laundry basket, place it in the hall closet and deal with it later. And yes, that’s how I tend to deal with my emotions some times as well – stuff and hide and deal with it later. But that’s another story.

Today – four days after Christmas is “later.” I thought this would be a good time to grab my basket and really put stuff away.

It’s like Christmas all over again. I found gift cards to Sonic (meant for stockings), an unwrapped present meant for my oldest (I wondered what happened to that), AND – my mother will kill me – the Christmas cards I could have sworn I mailed.


Every year we take a picture of the boys in front of the tree for the cards. Every year, I go for the “perfect” shot of all of us, or at least them. This year, these are the choices they gave me. This is what happens when you have teenagers.

I guess I can still mail them – and make them New Year’s Cards instead. Picking just the right picture – might be a challenge. What do you think?

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