To be or not to be ADD, that is the question

I had my one month med check with my primary doctor today. She upped my dosage to 36mg, but she’s still not convinced that I’m ADD. And you know, neither am I at the moment.

I’m high energy – yes
I forget things – oh yeah
I get bored easily – yep

But ADD?

Edited on 3/3/09 – After being on Concert for 2 1/2 months, I do concede that I am indeed ADD. The change is astounding.

She thinks the pediatrician is wrong, but since I’m tolerating the meds so far we’ll go two months on the new dose. If that doesn’t help… then she thinks her original assessment is correct. I do not have ADD, I have WWS.

Wonder Woman Syndrome

She also thinks I’ve allowed someone to define my personality type as a defect of character.

I have two assignments – well three actually.
1. Get a composition notebook to keep my do lists and notes in
2. Start setting up a scheduled routine (Flylady is good)
3. Find TWO chores that I am no longer willing to do and PERMANENTLY delegate them.

I asked if she’d write a script for that third assignment.

“See honey, doctor’s orders. She said you have to do laundry from now on.”

This should be a fun month.

4 thoughts on “To be or not to be ADD, that is the question

  1. Thanks Ted – yep, I’m colorful. My blog has only just recently become part of a blog ring, so I’m still picking up readers. As for my ADD, my son’s ped thinks I am, and my Dr disagrees strongly. She is ADD and “knows what ADD looks like.” – who knows. If I am I am, and if I’m not I’m not – but I loved the idea of learning how to delegate better. 😉


  2. This is a pretty blog. Maybe I am attracted to it since I am ADD ;-).
    I thought it strange you have not received comments yet.


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