Ministering at Ablaze Tonight

Tonight is the night that Jeff and I get to lead our monthly leadership study for the team at Ablaze Church. We meet the last Sunday of every month at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Tulsa. We meet there because Ablaze doesn't have a permanent home yet. We love doing this. Leading this study together. [...]

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Called on account of snow.

We had to call our Ablaze services tonight. That was hard. I hate canceling church. Pastor and Jeff both drove around - separately - to test the roads and check on the conditions.  Roads in Tulsa are really bad. Broken Arrow is okay, but once we get off the main roads, it's ice and slush. Tulsa [...]

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The Hunt is On

I've been privey to some awesome converstations lately. Ablaze is doing another Easter Egg Hunt this year. I was a little surprised to hear that because, honestly, I'm not over last year. But we're doing it. This year, it's all outside. No stage and no band. Our friends from the police station will be there [...]

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Guest Blogger – Charlie O’Hara

Charlie wrote this introduction for his senior year scrapbook and I asked his permission to publish this here. Charlie dreams of being a writer and is leaving for college in the fall. I also think he has some level of comic in him, but that will be determined later.He's a very engaging writer. I think [...]

Church was great yesterday

I almost didn't make it to church.  Our whole family stayed up until after midnight, and this aging lady should know better. There was a moment early in the morning, where I considered skipping out on my own Sunday School Class. I'm the leader, that would have been bad. I'm glad I made it. We [...]

Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

Have you ever said something you thought was really stupid, expected the worst and received grace instead? I have. I've also received the worst when that happens too. Human grace, can be inconsistent. The impulsiveness that comes with being an ADD Redhead, is sometimes a blessing, and sometimes, not. There are days when I really [...]