What a Month it was

This has been the craziest couple of weeks I've had in forever. And it has been wonderful. Mom arrived on the 15, Charlie came back from Belize on the 17 and then graduation on the 22. We've cleaned, visited, partied, cleaned again, and visited some more. It's hard to believe that my son is now [...]

Keep Telling Your Stories

I wake up some days on top of the world. Other days I wake up feeling like I would rather be under my blankets. I am woman, and I can be moody. If you read my blog, you know that about me. You also know that I have a tendancy to compare my insides with [...]

Hack “The Shack?” – I don’t think so

Pastors all over the world are divided. That is a given.  I mean that with far more grace than black and white type on a blog can convey. Having said that, I'm pleased to see a non-biased review of William Paul Young's book The Shack in a Lutheran Magazine. Mainline Protestant churches can be a [...]

From Vasectomies to Coupons – everyone is cutting back these days

This recession is hitting all of us these days. I know for our family of four, my learning how to cook on a more reasonable budget is vital. Learning how to cut coupons to help save us money, is equally important. I’ve used coupons in the past but according to Sarah Roe, I’m using them [...]

Six Months Seizure Free and the Freedom to Drive

Dillon's Pen and Ink Drawing for Art We've come a long way baby! Years ago,  epilepsy was a death sentence. They used to take epileptics to the city gates and stone them to death. We've grown from that to denial of rights.  50 years ago, epileptics were looked upon with fear and trepidation. They were [...]