Mission Monday – A New Thing for Redemption’s Heart

Having a blog or a web page that brings value to readers, isn't as easy as one would think.  Blogging is about community. With the advent of the Internet, our world is expanding and so are our communities. Thanks to some wonderful new friends who are sharing with me their ups and downs, and their media [...]

An Eye For beauty

Some things are just so stunningly beautiful that my soul cries out in joy. I find myself moved in such away that to leave the moment unnoticed or unspoken feels like deceit and I have to say something before it's lost. I am open to beauty right now, because I'm intentionally looking for it whether it is [...]

Letting Go (Let Go and Let God)

Once upon a time, or as most tales go, a young gal with a heart full of love and compassion heard a story that made her very sad. Being two pennies short of common sense, she came to believe that she could fix this problem and therefore set herself up as a shield of protection. [...]

Summer Life with Boys

Dear readers: Today's post is more tongue in cheek than my usual fare. Being home with teenagers this summer is both a joy and well, strange. A lot has changed now that my youngest is 16 and my oldest is leaving for college. Long gone are the days where I could read about 101 fun [...]

FGP Say’s I’m Not a Wheenie!

On July 11, Runner's World starts its free Tulsa Run training groups every Saturday morning. Runs start with stretching at 6:45 a.m. at Veterans Park, 21st Street and Boulder Avenue. There will be beginner and advanced 15k race training groups, and a 5k race training group. - Carrie Aspinwall     I am not a [...]

Alive in Love – Brennan Manning

I'm digging through boxes, searching for books to keep and books to give away. Each new box is like a treasure trove of discovery. Every book I own has meaning and depth to it. Having played some small part in who I am today, each book has it's own season in my life.  Maybe that's [...]