Ablaze Church Post for August 31 2009

There is an emergency team meeting tonight, with several key members of our mission team. I will not be posting an Ablaze post this week. There are many things to be worked through, and prayed over. Please keep our Mission Start in your prayers while we try to discern the voice of God from our [...]

What a Year it has been

Dear Heavens, I turned 44 this week and I still haven't won an academy award. Not that I haven't tried. Being a redhead and all - you'd think I would have. Sadly no academy's for me. And I guess that's a good thing really. My life is not what I would have expected 20 years [...]

Ablaze Church LCMS Keeps on Ticking

"Pastor, I don't feel comfortable with all of these new people coming to our church. I mean just look at them. They aren't like us." -- Real Quote from a real Elder to a real pastor. What was he complaining about; the 300 + new members that joined the church from 1991-1994 ish. My husband and [...]

Exceeding Your Expectations, Interview with Linda Olson

We are thrilled to have Linda Olson, inspirational speaker, author, and leadership coach with us today. Please find a comfortable seat as you join our visit with Linda introducing her new book, Exceeding your Expectations. LINDA: Thank you! I’m delighted to be with you and your readers today to share about a topic that is [...]

Exceeding Your Expectations – Linda Olson

Exceeding Your Expectations: Learning the Ten Leadership Principles that Guarantee Results by Linda Olson (Guardian Books) Is it possible that no matter how many times you’ve failed at getting ahead, that the secret to finally breaking through could be … Easy? The Answer is Yes…No matter how many times you have tried to get ahead [...]

The New Zoo in Green Bay Wisconsin

Our family usually takes two summer vacations every year; one just for fun and one focused on family and friends. Our just for fun trips are usually some place close by to Tulsa, like Branson or Oklahoma City and only last about two or three days. Our family trips take us home to Chicago or [...]

Ablaze Church Block Party

Well, it's official - our second annual block party / neighborhood festival was a huge hit in the neighborhood. We had great entertainment and worship from Halo Jordan, Rhema's Axis Band, Zion's Fire, as well as Christian Comedians Michele VanDusen and myself.  Yes, I do stand up comedy and no that isn't anything new, I've [...]

Food Drive For Broken Arrow Neighbors (Ablaze Church)

I'm a day late with my post and I know it. I just wanted to tell everyone that this Saturday, Ablaze Church will be hosting a food drive and fall festival for Broken Arrow Neighbors. Please join us at Liberty Elementary Saturday afternoon for great music, comedy, and a wonderful gospel message.

Social Networking (But that’s NOT what I meant!)

Imagine if you will, posting a humor piece that is poorly received. So poorly received in fact that one woman actually posts something along the lines of calling you "an overstuffed pig who plays with puppets and can't keep a day job." How eager will you be in responding? Will you be nice enough to [...]