Ablaze Church Update — September 28, 2009

Welcome to our weekly update. Helping everyone keep up with what's new at Ablaze isn't always easy. The most difficult aspect of that is finding time to report. We have many wonderful things going on right now. The best is our home congregation, OSL, voted to allow $15,000 that was reserved for a land purchase [...]

One Month Tomorrow

Can you believe that I dropped my oldest son off at college one month ago tomorrow? I didn't think I'd survive the change. I mean part of me knew I would, and part of me was afraid I wouldn't. You can read how it went HERE. I am happy to report that things have gotten easier for [...]

She Did What She Could – Elisa Morgan

I am giving away a free copy of "She Did What She Could" written by Elisa Morgan this month. Please be sure to leave a comment on this post for your chance to win. What is the premise behind your new book, She Did What She Could?   Most of us care deeply about the needs [...]

Ablaze Mission Start Broken Arrow 9/15/09

Our core team had a group meeting last week, and then a board meeting this week.  Ablaze Church is still running strong, and we are facing some very real blessings that are driving new needs. Having a mobile church is taking it's toll on our people and our equipment. Moving things in and out of [...]

Chonda Pierce Prettyville coming to CMT

                    I quit ministry once, did you know that? Well I did. I joined the Christian Writers Guild and went to work in a church to pay for my classes. Within 12 months, I buried ten of my closest friends, lost the only school my kids had ever [...]

Fearless by Max Lucado — Book Review

"Another fear has fallen victim to trust." - Max Lucado, Fearless When I picked up Fearless by Max Lucado, I wasn't sure what to expect. Fear is definitely an issue with me and everyone who knows me, knows that. My husband's company downsized last Spring, cutting our income by 10%. My youngest son has epilepsy [...]

Baby Steps for Mom

I'm looking for something profound to write, and I got nadda. I'm in the middle of learning how to let go of my oldest son, and I've discovered there is no easy solution. This is my child and I suddenly find myself swimming in a sea of what if's and needless fears. That is not [...]