Oh Dear Heavens, I’m Naked! 2009 In Review

There is a near naked woman on my Christmas Cards and it’s me! I’m not totally naked, it’s just that my favorite blouse (the one I’m wearing in our Christmas Card photo) is see through and nobody told me. I want to shoot my family and my overly polite friends who simply thought -- “She [...]

White Christmas..Slip Sliding Away..

(Dear Readers: I do apologize for the subscription update with the bad link that all of you received this morning. I am experiencing techinical difficulties with that post -- the internet ate it -- I will be reposting that story after the first of the year. Thanks) *************** I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.... and [...]

The Liturgical Year: Joan Chittister

Please note: If you landed here because you are looking for Reverend Mason Beecroft - you aren't going to find him here. I've noticed a lot of y'all are searching for him. (At least that's what my stats show) I wish I knew where he was, but I do not. He was a mentor of [...]

My First Hate Letter

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone, somewhere was going to tell me that because I'm a Christian and a Comic I shouldn't tell jokes about X. It doesn't really matter what the X is because it is different for everyone. This person was offended because I was telling Tiger Woods jokes. I [...]

I See Dead People

A pastor has three big sermons to write. He has a funeral on Friday, a wedding on Saturday and his regular Sunday Sermon.  Friday morning arrives and he hands his receptionist what he believes is his funeral message and tells her to put it in the pulpit for him.  While she is walking toward the [...]