My Husband, The Prophet

Jeff:  Ooh blueberry cobbler! My favorite. Is that what you are making for dinner? We've been together for 22 years and he knows me. Having dessert for dinner on a cold icy snow-stormy night would not be that far-fetched. But not tonight. Tonight I wanted to impress him. Contrary to popular belief, I really do like [...]

To Save A Life, The Movie A Short Review

To Save A Life is the best best movie I've seen in a long time. If you have teens or work with teens, this is a must see movie. While not necessarily appropriate for youth under 13, (older themes, drinking, and alluded sexual content) I believe this movie will touch hearts and change lives. Everything from the [...]

No Baggage Section Please

I love the stillness of private worship before corporate worship begins on Sundays. While visiting a church across town, I quietly sit in what is probably someone else's pew, close my eyes and drink in the solitude and peace. My spirit is content, and I say a prayer. "Thank you Lord for this church. The sermons are wonderful. [...]

I Love You Too Mom

Don't over react. Just stay calm and smile. You can shout for joy AFTER you leave the school parking lot. Just don't let him see you do it. I tell my boys I love them every morning and every night before bed. For TWO Looooong years, my youngest (now 16) would pretend not to hear [...]

Thoughts on Marriage

Now that I have totally silenced even the most loyal of readers with yesterday's post, I thought I'd switch gears ever so slightly. Before I do, let me add that some women can be just as double minded and that post was meant to cover both. I've seen both sides, and probably played them back in [...]

I’d Like you to meet my wife.

I refuse to be anyone’s “dirty little secret.” I don’t care who you are, or what you do. If you are married you will introduce me to your wife, or I won’t trust you and we won‘t have much of a relationship. If you don’t introduce me to your wife, I’ll do so myself.   [...]

Finding a Place to Begin

Working out to stay in shape is a lot more fun than working out to get back in shape. Just saying. Do you remember last summer? I knew I needed to get back in shape. My bout with depression several years ago has left 50 pounds that I need to deal with. Rather than allow [...]

Compassion for the victims of Haiti Earthquake

The phone calls, tweets, and spam mails have already started. Everyone it seems is collecting donations for Haiti. How can a person sift through the fake from the real? By being a good steward and doing a little research. The good news is, there are real organizations out there that are offering real time support. They [...]

Mission Moments: Ablaze Church Update 01/11/2010

It has been a while since I've posted any updates on our mission start. At my last report I stated that we are now considered a satellite of our home congregation, The Lutheran Church of Our Savior. I also shared that we are waiting for the results of our marketing survey. Pending reports look promising [...]