Grateful for His Grace

I'd shared with many people that I was going to completely fast from Facebook for lent. I wanted to replace the time I normally spend in the virtual world with face time with God. I didn't tell people in a "hey look at me" way, but rather as a courtesy -- meaning if I don't reply to [...]

Skywatch: Glorietta NM

These golden Aspens in Glorietta New Mexico surprised us last fall. This particular row of trees is called "Heavens Highway." The golden foilage against the brilliant blue sky, just took our breath away. For more  Skywatch photos, please see the Skywatch Web Sight. I also wanted to say thank you to all who are sticking [...]

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Replacing Judas:Matthias the Apostle

This post is far more tongue in cheek than my theologically minded friends will probably enjoy. The intent here is not to teach you something about Matthias, but rather to hopefully encourage you to dig and learn for yourself. You'll remember more that way. --   Congratulations Matthias! As we gather today with prayerful and [...]

Wordless Wednesdays:Remembering my Gardens

I wasn't going to garden this year seeing as I killed everything last year. But the catalogues started arriving. They had pictures and promises of daisies, flowering bushes, baskets overflowing with forget-me-nots and other sundries. I started sorting photographs for scrap booking and I came across my garden pictures. My gardens may be dead, but they were pretty [...]

Liturgy isn’t sterile, my notebook is…

I found myself lamenting earlier this week about how I still wasn't getting it (see post here) regarding my present course of study and I finally figured out why. (And by not getting it, I mean not being able to explain it in a way that other people feel what I feel) I'm trying to answer a [...]

Tiger’s Confession: I’m Sorry vs I Was Wrong

Me -- "Tell your brother that you're sorry." Child "Sooorrryyy!" Me - "No, say you're sorry like you mean it!" Eye roll. Sigh. Me "Well if you two don't make up, I'm going to make you sit on the couch and hold hands until you forgive each other." -- Word to the wise N-E-V-E-R do [...]

I’m Still Not Getting it

In light of what I consider to be the worst book review ever, I made a decision to really study liturgy this year. I loved the book, but cannot verbalize why. I felt so lost after reading it that I almost sent it back to Thomas Nelson with a letter of apology stating excellent book, [...]

I See Dead People, and other church funnies

"I had a receptionist job once. Man was it tough. I got yelled at, had things thrown at me, I was lied to, lied about, hit on and called names -- yeah, last time I ever work in a church." Do you know that joke get's high laughs. Not just a polite chuckle, but high [...]