While I’m on Break

I'm writing but not posting. reading but not always commenting. or sometimes I am it depends really on my mood as much as my inclinations. Holy Week  isn't much of a time of rest for us as it is work. I offer you two places to rest this week. 1. My friend Lisa is doing [...]

Let’s Talk About it: Censorship and threats

I was reading a friend's article today on New Christian Voices and was sad to discover that his family was threatened this week. As a result of the threat, he asked the editors at NCV to take down his original post.  I was looking forward the story because I knew that he and I share the same [...]

Wordless Wednesday: where there is smoke, someone forgot to check the oven.

  This was my popcorn bowl. Now it looks like a clam. The culprit? My oven. I was in a hurry and put some bowls inside of it for "safe keeping."  Plastic popcorn bowls are not forgiving of forgetful women like me and 400 degree ovens. They also make a lot of smoke. Did you know [...]

Let’s talk about it: Oh Just Shut up

It's been assessed today that I am stupid, selfish, heartless and self-serving. I've also been told I need to shut the deleted swear word up, because I have health insurance. Good thing I don't get my selfesteem from Facebook.  Scripture has a lot of answers on handling conflict, and being agreeable even when we disagree. My brain came [...]

Let’s Talk About it: But is it stealing?

Charlie's college sent out an online survey a while back. They asked two questions: 1. Do you think it's wrong to burn copies of CD's for your friends? -- 75% of the people who responded said no. 2. If you had the chance to steal something of low monetary value, would you? 90% of the people [...]

Things a Mom Says

My boys are making a video over Spring Break. Charlie is playing with his new Mac Imaging Software and Dillon is enjoying the ride. Making videos is nothing new for these boys. I bought Charlie his first video camera when he was 13 and they have been making movies ever since. His love for filmography, [...]

My Life: The Flying Circus

Dreams of running away and joining the circus are best left to childhood. That or Spring Break when everyone is home. Don't worry, I'm not running away. I remember too well that clown college is all fun and games right up until you put a dyslexic clown trying to juggle silk scarves next to a [...]

Conversation With my 15 Year Old Self

Call me Susan and color me beige. My 15-year-old self showed up this week, and she has a bone to pick with me. It seems I'd kept her locked away in a tattered old box in the bottom of my closet and she isn't happy about it. How come you never told anyone about me? What [...]