Alive and Recovering

For those of you dear readers who have been with me since the doctors found a mass in my uterus, I thank you for your prayers, thoughts and encouraging remarks.  For those of you who are new to my blog, it's been a roller coaster of a ride since Easter Sunday. The good news is, I've [...]

Ready for the snap

Take one Fever Add a mild anxiety attack and you have no surgery. Calling off the surgery was a good call. I went home and slept for three days. Turns out, I was one sick puppy. Once I came to, I discovered that my lungs could no longer tolerate smoke and I am reluctantly happy to [...]

Icing the Kicker: Surgery Postponed due to Fever.

I am alway amazed at how quickly I can pick up a covering of shame and embarrassment. Or how quickly I can get discouraged and question my own judgement. It doesn't take much really. We arrived to the hospital Friday morning bright and early. 5:30 am early, the sun wasn't even up for heaven's sake. By [...]

Poetry: Redeem the Days of Silence

Redeeming the hour Of words unspoken Gospels denied Deeds undone and Needs overlooked Would take a life time of wishes. If you were a simple soul that is. Confessions made To cold-hearted clerics Who hold the words of absolution Your medicine and Your lifeblood In the palm of their hands And choose to say nothing [...]