National Youth Gathering 2010: New Orleans LA

It started with fundraisers.. and more fundraisers.. those ended with a celebratory night at the movies seeing Toy Story 3 after our last talent show. Having raised all of the monies necessary to go to National Youth Gathering being held in New Orleans, all our kids could do was wait. July 16th could not come [...]

Finding my Humor again:Liturgical Muppets Oh My!

I'm nine weeks out from my surgery and I've discovered that while I handled my female issues with some levity and humor, that humor did not carry over to my coverage of the Synodical Convention or the arguments about our National Youth Gathering. I need to change focus and fortunately for me, a friend provided [...]

How will you be remembered?

A great man of God died this year and my last living memory of him is the day he called me a whore. People closest to him tell me that he loved me a great deal, but I wouldn't know. He had too much pride to apologize, and I had too much pride to let [...]

In the Name of Love: U2 and Me

U2 Rocks, that's all I can say.  There is very little that frustrates and hurts my heart more than piety  sorry wrong word, I mean Piosity. In others of course, never myself. (She says very much tongue in cheek)  And yet, I'm called not to rebuke or lower myself to match it, I'm called to love -- [...]

Thoughts and Conversations

The best of conversations begin when we remember we are speaking to human beings. That's not always easy to do, and you my friends know that. I've been known to spin a time or two and I've stopped short of ripping out a person's jugular too frequently for my own comfort. Stuffing my feelings doesn't work [...]

ID Ten T Error (IDIOT error)and yahoo friend finder

Hi there -- if you landed here because you received a facebook friend invitation from me but don't know who I am and googled me to find out. I'm so sorry -- I used Yahoo Friend Finder this week -- and I accidentally hit the accept button before I could filter out appropriate names. Friend finder [...]

Modern Evangelism: Your Church Sucks, Come to ours instead

I am a sword carrying idiot. I've been known to wrecklessly wield my good intentions at people and not only cut their ears off, but their heads as well.  This blog post is as much about me as it is THEM.   Remember when there used to be ethics in advertising? There was a day [...]

Letting Go and Trusting God

People ask me about Letting Go a lot. I'm not sure why I get asked, but I did write a short  piece on it a while back and that does prompt questions. (  forgive me for the lack of appropriate hotlinking, wordpress seems to be fritzing on me tonight. I will share that that one piece gets [...]