Glee Rocks the Horror Show (Spoiler Alert and Adult themes)

      Confession: Even though my mother forbade me from seeing Rocky Horror as a child, I did see it as an adult in Tulsa and I like it. "Rocky Horror was never about artists pushing the envelope. It was about misfits trying to find a place to belong." - Will Schuester from Glee. [...]

Monday Menu: October 25, 2010

I didn't post a menu last week, and you know what happened? I didn't follow a plan and I didn't lose weight. hmm. Coincidence? I doubt it. I learned something though. After two weeks of no sugar and not much flour, I had energy, my stomach didn't hurt, and I just felt better all the [...]

Fall Break: Letting Go Again

"Mom, could you please take your hands off the ceiling of my car? You're freaking me out." -- D-man yesterday as he drove home from school. I rode with my youngest for the very first time yesterday. He did great. I looked like spider woman with my arms splayed in every direction and my feet pumping imaginary [...]

Tulsa Oktoberfest Starts Tonight

Tulsa Oktoberfest was rated in top ten Oktoberfests in the country according to USA Today.  I wouldn't go when the kids were little, but now that they are older, we try to go every few years or so during the day. It's always a fun time for the family.  Many people from our church work [...]

Wordless Wednesdays: 1989

It was 80's week on Facebook last week and we were asked to post pictures of ourselves from that hilarious decade. Do any of you remember the Aqua-Net fog in the girls locker room? I still have hair big enough to have its own zip code. My scanner isn't working, but I do have a picture of [...]

Of Mice and Meaning: Part Two

I'm in a mood. It's not good or bad, it just is... ever been there? You're female, I'm guessing you've been there what three times already today? laugh. Me too. Our neighbors are fighting. I can hear him destroying her gardens with a weed eater and she's yelling at him to go inside and cool [...]

Book Review: Real Men Don’t Apologize by Jim Belushi

Real Men Don't Apologize James Belushi Hardcover: 288 pages Publisher: Hyperion; 1st ed/1st printing edition (May 9, 2006) Language: English ISBN-10: 1401301827 ISBN-13: 978-1401301828 WARNING: This is not my typical kind of post and I'm not sure it's family friendly -- but it is 100% me. Like it or leave it. Remember that dream I [...]

Friday Funny PG-13, Date Night

I love date night. It's an excuse to dress up and be adults and try to be interesting again. It also beats walking around in sweats with my hair pulled back in pony tail. Which, sadly very easily becomes my stay-home-wife costume most days. I get in slumps where I know I'm not going anywhere [...]

Never Skip Church to Write Comedy: Just Sayin’

(Added 1/3/11 - Not that I'm neurotic or anything - okay, I am, but that isn't the point. - While I'm happy you are here - please note that this post is just an off-center offering regarding a glimpse at my strange mind -- it's not about Jim so if you are looking for him - [...]