Contact: Rebecca Greenberg – 323.904.4680 AMERICA’S SUPERNANNY NOW CASTING - TEXAS & OKLAHOMA Families must apply NOW for Lifetime’s all new AMERICA’S SUPERNANNY! The well-known cable network, Lifetime, is launching the all-new unscripted series America’s SuperNanny, marking the first true U.S. version of the hit global format that will feature an American homegrown nanny. The producers [...]

Even my computer is insecure. Great.

I saw this message when I logged on today: You are using an insecure browser! It looks like you're using an insecure version of Internet Explorer. Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser. Update Internet Explorer or learn how to browse happy. "Learn how to [...]

An Orgie of Art

There is nothing quite like having the house pretty much to yourself for three days to create art. Well, except for the aftermath. I spent most of last week creating center pieces for the LWML Fall Festival and my kitchen looks like an agricultural Holocaust took place. Plant droppings (wisps, seeds, and various fluff) are clinging to [...]

Flying Monkeys

Does anyone remember that old saying, "Don't make me call my flying monkeys!" ? Yeah, it's been that kind of week. My husband is out-of-town and someone told the appliances, the dogs, and my hormones. If something isn't breaking and I'm not hot flashing in the middle of the night, the dogs are waking me [...]

Lying can lead to depression

How are you? Just doing life. I'm fine. You? Liar liar pants on fire! Do you know what fine means? Feeling Insecure Neurotic and Emotional. How many times do you or I have conversations just like that and we're lying through our teeth? Why do we do that? Fear, Arrogance? Pride? I'm not sure. But we [...]

Waiting for Boaz.

(Not mine) Seen floating around Facebook --if you are the owner of this and you see it, would you please tell me? I'd love to give you credit. Thanks. To all the girls who are in a hurry to have a boyfriend or get married, a piece of Biblical advice: "Ruth patiently waited for her [...]

Heading for Yukon Oklahoma!

Okay so it's a little blurry but this photo is from last year's A Funny Thing comedy night in Yukon Oklahoma. Michele and I were part of a comedy competition last year and have been asked to come back again this year. I am so stoked! Michele placed and while I did not -- I'm [...]