Tulsa All Lutheran Messiah 2011

Handel’s Messiah The lights dim and a hush spreads throughout the church. The choir enters from the rear engulfing the listeners, softly humming the beginning strains of “O Come Emanuel.” Thus begins the 91st presentation of Handel’s Messiah. What started with a small choir at First Lutheran has grown to become an all Lutheran tradition [...]

Happy Thanksgiving you guys

This has been a hurry up and get there so we can relax and enjoy ourselves kind of week. Hurry up and get home from school. Hurry up and finish laundry, groceries, cleaning, pack the truck, drive like crazy, unpack, pour some wine, cook dinner, clean up dinner, pour more wine, everyone talk like mad [...]

The trick to riding

I love this sign. I see it every time I saddle up to ride. Funny thing is though now that I'm learning how to barrel race and eventually rope, Jo thinks it might be good for me to learn how to fall off a horse safely. I've never really viewed falling as something I do [...]

Good News, It’s not the Gluten, it’s the Advil.

I have believed for over a year that I am gluten sensitive. Turns out I'm not. Apparently if you are popping Advil like it's candy and your doctor asks you what medications you are taking, it's probably a good idea to tell him.  It's especially a good idea to mention that if you happen to [...]

Hallelujah Chorus – Quinhagak, Alaska

I've seen the flash mobs, the bottle players, and the monks, but I've never seen this one before. A friend sent me this video from the small Yupiq Eskimo Village of Quinhagak, Alaska. It was a school computer project intended for the other Yupiq villages in the area. It's already received almost a million hits. [...]

Poetry: The Brag, I Live

I Live A brag poem, written for Poetry Boot Camp. I’m not supposed to be here. I’m only 15 and an average student. Broken Home Missing Father Alcoholic mother Working to pay my way. Kids like me don’t get scholarships over seas. Until now. I’m in the middle of nowhere, Grimslov College in Sweden. Which is [...]

Adventure: It’s a Bike!

Okay ladies and gents, I have some great news. Are you ready? I bought a bike. I know, that news seems pretty anti-climactic really. Especially after telling you guys how I totally lost my mind (or found it, either way) and went Democrat this fall. Compared to that, buying a bike may not sound like [...]