Life After Kids, Cowgirls ‘n Angels

One of my biggest fears is having my children grow up, move out and leave me behind. Marriage and parenting can take our all, every day, every week, every year. And then poof, just like that it seems they are grown, gone and testing their wings. What then? A lot of women fall apart at [...]

Tim Hawkins and John Branyan are Coming to Broken Arrow

The screaming you heard on Saturday afternoon was my 18-year-old son finding out that I have purchased tickets to see his all time favorite comic, Tim Hawkins. I totally rock as a mom sometimes. When: Sunday, April 1, 2012 7:00 pm Where: Grace Fellowship on Garnet and 91st Street in Broken Arrow   If you've [...]

Broken Arrow Easter Egg Hunt April 7, 2012

The Annual Ablaze Easter Egg Hunt & Canned Food Drive is coming soon! What:  6000 Eggs To Hunt! Where:  Liberty Elementary School 209th between 41st & 51st Broken Arrow When:  Saturday April 7th @ 1:00 pm This event is a blast!  All those eggs.  All this kids.  All those smiles!  Bring your kids, friends, & neighbors! [...]

I’m Sorry + I Forgive You should = Peace but does it?

No sweat...just send me your best cash love offering and we'll call it all good. - the dude I insulted last weekend after I apologized. (see Medusa Face) I think his response is hilarious - and frankly God's way of telling me to lighten up just a scoshe and breathe. It took about 48 hours for [...]

Medusa Face and Jesus Juking. What a day.

"Do you know what  a Jesus Juke is? What you just did -- followed by a link ." - I didn't know what that was, until one man trusted me with truth. - I appreciate him tonight. My weekend started out simple enough really. Other than recovering from the flu, I was doing rather well. [...]

I will be back, I promise

The flu is making its rounds through my house. Granted my son and I were both immunized last fall and yet it appears we  both have a mild I'm sure case of the flu. Lovely. My sweets hubs has gone into hiding. Channeling my inner Arnold, " I'll be back!" Have fun. Behave. And remember, [...]

Right Brain vs Left Brain, this explains it.

I'm always fascinated by my oldest son who is able to traverse the hemispheres of his brain with little hindrance. He is both a brilliant mathematician and a poet. He is as comfortable in the safety of a world of order and structure as he is the free flow kaleidoscopic nuances of art and words. I'm envious. It is possible to do [...]

Metaphors Make Brains Touchy Feely – ScienceNOW

I'm home. I'm ill. Not allowed to ride horses or bikes, doc says I have to rest. So I'm getting caught up on my reading. There are truly some things I wish I could unread - like Ron Paul's idiotic thought process. Why are people voting for him? He's a moron. There are other things I've [...]