Manic Monday: Making Courageous Choices

"I'm not a control freak, I just want everyone to be happy. Oh, and like me. Yes, I definitely want people to like me.  Why? Because that's the only way I can like myself." -- me Oh yah, no control issues here. Eye rolling is allowed. I may "waller in defeat" from time to time, as my [...]

Full Circle…

People ride bikes for different reasons. Some like the fellowship. Some like being outdoors. Me? I want to live. It really is that simple. Tiffany's death last fall scared me. We'd grown up together back in Michigan. One day she was Facebooking about the most recent cuteness of her 5-year-old son and the next day [...]

My First Tulsa Tour de Cure

Please Support Me in Tour de Cure! Life is moving forward. If you guys remember, when I decided to buy a real street bike I also decided to participate in tours and fundraisers. I am happy to report that I've signed up for my very first tour. I am participating in the American Diabetes Association's annual [...]

Banned from the Bobbin

Life after kids is an interesting journey. Not that I've stopped being a Mom. I'll always be mom, even after they are married and have children of their own. We are in the homestretch for graduation for my youngest. I cried for months when my oldest left for college and while I'll definitely miss not having my [...]

By Popular Request: I’d Rather Have a Root Canal

I have given up all hope of convincing people I really am sane. I have two stories requested the most, Fisher's Of Men, and this one. And I wonder why people think I'm neurotic. I would rather have a root canal than go to the gynecologist: I get to keep my clothes on. I can [...]

The Avengers Are Coming!

While at the movies yesterday we saw the poster for The Avengers. I told my husband I really want to see that movie. He looked at the poster, and then asked why I wanted to see it. I said "The story line of course. " He smiled and said "That's like a man saying he [...]