Making Peace With my Inner Child Again

My inner child has been screaming at me all summer. Have you ever been there? Every once in a while she needs positive attention and words of love and forgiveness and acceptance. - Think The Ring only far less creepy. She will not leave me alone until I listen to her. If I don't listen [...]

Let’s Talk About it: Guarding Your Heart

"I'm tired of trusting men I should be able to trust." I actually said that to a friend last week. I hate being lied to and yet, I allow it in certain people over and over again until I just can't stand it anymore and I blow up. I continue at times to open my [...]

Cherokee Proverb, Our Highest Calling

 From: The Great Spirit Facebook Page I'll be honest, I'm a bit of an independent female with a very strong "I so got this" mentality. Over the past few days, I have found myself at the end of myself. I don't "got this." Someone is trying to take advantage of me and I have to set painful [...]

Friday Funny: I am up a Creek

Yes, I play the banjo. Ever since I opened my book and saw Cripple Creek, I couldn't wait to get there. I'm ready for slides, pull offs and hammers. I do not read music, I pick out songs - granted I have tabs but still... I've been singing all week -- When I get off [...]

Talk Dirty To Me: 22 Years and Dating…

Me: My oldest just left for college and it's killing me. I don't know what I'm going to do when my youngest leaves. Her: Oh honey, you'll do just fine. I'll never forget the day my youngest moved out. Me: What did you do? Her: I came home from work, parked my car in the [...]

Thought for the day: Are we there yet?

I'm a redhead again. My year of hair repentance is over. (Some of you may remember the great blonde fiasco of 2011). There is much rejoicing in my house as I got the green light to cut my hair and go back to my truest self. I cannot tell you how much I missed my [...]