Redemption’s Heart is Under Construction and is getting a new name.

A new attitude is rising up around here -- I'm thinking a brand new look is in order as well. We've slapped on some paint, shifted some  furniture, knocked out a cyber wall or two and this page is really starting to come together nicely. In light of all the changes, both in my life and on this [...]

Music Monday: eye of the tiger, ala the pedal pusher society

I think this video is hilarious and I'm kinda diggin the Girl Power Groove thing they got going on  here. I'm under the weather at the moment so I thought I'd catch up on my blog reading -- I was starting to get scared again while studying group rides and what counts as an acceptable [...]

Where Were You When You First Met Anne?

It's not like I've never heard of her. I have. "If you want to learn how to write, read Bird by Bird." my friends say. I own Bird by Bird and while I'm not entirely certain as to whether or not I've read it, I know it's here in my home somewhere.  I put it away for [...]

I’m Riding in the Tour de Cure: Go Team Phoenix Rising

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't post while under the influence of cold meds, BUT I have got to share this with you guys. It's official. My group of friends have all agreed (mostly all anyway) to ride with me in the Tour de Cure this year for ADA. I rode alone last year [...]

Where Did She Go?

It would appear that some lucky bug has come to roost at my house this month. It arrived just before Valentines Day and like a bad guest refuses to clean up after itself and leave already. I have learned from past experience that blogging while under the influence of cold and/or pain medication just causes [...]