I Will Beat Her

I saw this yesterday on my cycling group page and fell in love with this. I am totally putting this one on my bathroom mirror! I've heard it said many times that performing artists are basically needy and insecure. I'd laugh, but it's kinda true at least for me. I'm an approval junkie for sure. [...]

At Dawn We Ride! Go Women Cycling

After 18 months of lamenting how I only know male cyclists, one of them being my gynecologist, (I could write a thousand jokes about that here, but I won't. At least not today.) I finally found a group of women cyclists to ride with in Tulsa. The Tulsa Tough Diva's is a brand new organization. [...]

Friday Funny: That’s Reassuring

I bought clips for my bike the other week to help make my rides more efficient. After the bike shop mechanic installed the new pedals and I tried them out for size, I asked if they were difficult to unclip. His exact words? "Oh no! My daughter got hit by a truck once and she [...]