I Chose This

" I miss my friends. I miss our house. I miss our store. I hate you for bringing me here." she said. And he reminds her, "But we chose this, remember? The house, yard, and store were too much to take care of now, and we were too far away from town and the doctor's [...]

Friday Funny: Give A Little, Laugh A Lot – Woody’s Corner Bar

This Monday, May 27, 2013 the Local Comedy Community will come together for a MARATHON COMEDY EVENT like you've never seen!   We will be taking items all night, and your donation could earn you some great tokens of our appreciation.   For anyone donating more than $100, you will be allowed to choose any [...]

What a ride!

Last night's interview on Slay N Savage was a blast. -- If you missed it you can CLICK HERE for the archive.  One of the questions they asked was how did I become a stand up comic. That's not an easy question to answer off the top of my head. It's been a crazy journey [...]

Having Fun with Slay N Savage — I’m going to be on the radio!

Oh my gosh guys and gals, I'm going to be interviewed on the radio tonight and I can't find a thing to wear! What does a woman wear for her first radio interview? I have no idea. No wonder God tells us to go into our closets and pray, he knows that's the one place [...]