Have you ever seen a COMEDY tackle the sobering sin of ADULTERY?

Guest Blogger:  Christopher Shawn Shaw,  Director/Producer/Editor One Nightstand Starring Thor Ramsey, Kimberly Durrett, Charles Anteby and Nathan Ford. Directed by Christopher Shawn Shaw. Have you ever seen a COMEDY poignantly tackle the very sobering transgression of adultery? Well, here's the news! The long-anticipated ONE NIGHTSTAND Comedy ministry short film that I had the privilege of Directing and Executive [...]

Music Monday: Queen Somebody to love

"Let me ask you one question. Do you really want to own a ranch, or are you just wanting to mother something" CRAP. I love my friends. Even the honest ones. Honestly, I don't know. I hate the heat. My gardens are already dead. It was too hot to mess with a fall harvest. I [...]

If I ask for chickens, will I get a horse?

We were only there for 72 hours. It was a retreat in the middle of Tennessee. We gathered our own eggs, fed the sheep, picked fresh food from the garden and enjoyed the view. I wanted to stay forever. Flash forward five years and I'm still harping on it. I want to move. I want [...]

All I Ever Wanted

I made it to the parking lot. Then I made it to our car. The minute my hand touched the door handle, I collapsed into tears. Dropping our oldest off to college for the first time knocked the wind out of me and I cried the entire way home. All I ever wanted when I [...]