A Subversive Revolution

This is my last resolve quote. I've sat on it for quite a long time. I looked up subversive and it doesn't sound like a nice person at all. It sound's rebellious. I'm not rebellious. (okay so that's a total lie.) And then I remembered, I said "tits" on a Facebook Post and I'm a [...]

I want to own me like Amanda owns this dance

I'll admit, this is an unusual post for a Music Monday -- I'd never heard of Amanda Trusty before this video went viral on Facebook last month. It's only been up for a month and it already has over 900K views. I can see why. This is stunningly beautiful. Wouldn't it be great if every [...]

So, you survived Christmas, let’s celebrate!

It is the day after Christmas. It's 12:30 and I am still in my PJs. Why? I survived Christmas and I'm celebrating. Don't get me wrong, I had a great Christmas. Both of my boys are home and even my Dad spent the night. While we didn't do a lot of the things we normally [...]