Deana Louise Got a Facelife

Happy Tuesday you guys! I cannot believe how many new followers I have already this year. I know how noisy the net can be, so thank you for choosing to read my blog. You guys are the best. Every year, I learn a little more about blog management and SEO and all that fun internet [...]

Music Monday: Bela Fleck and The Fleckstones A Celtic Melody

I am frequently at a loss for words  that describe what it is I'm really aspiring to do with my banjo. Blue grass, folk, corny fun, Gospel, what? Bela Fleck is a magnificent composer. While I love all things banjo, the way this man brings out the depth and beauty of this instrument strikes me [...]

Music Monday: I’m gone be an engineer – Pete Seeger

This song was written by Peggy Seeger. This is Pete's performance on banjo. When I think of banjo, I think of Pete Seeger style - boom ditty. I hope you enjoy.