Music Monday: Cory Johnson, Another Soldier’s Coming Home

In Honor of Memorial Day -  I met Cory Johnson completely on accident. I had a comedy gig that night that got cancelled at the last-minute because my promoter forgot to pay the rent. (just in case you thought my life was glamorous.)  Rather than let the night go to waste, my husband and I [...]

Proof that Banjo Is Cool: Neil Young

“There is music you never hear unless you play it yourself.” ― Marty Rubin If I could sum up the feel that I go for when playing banjo, this picture would be it. It's Neil Young, circa 1970's playing sitting quietly under a tree. People usually make fun of banjo. My thoughts are if Neil [...]

Friday Funny: Hamsters are like cigarettes

CCA Showcase Tweet Song with John Branyan, Clayburn Cox, Marty Simpson and Jonnie W. Published on Jun 15, 2013 Follow these guys on Twitter @JBranyanComedy | @ClayburnCox | @MartySimpson | @Jonnie_W

Ya Got Trouble – or do you? A glimpse into the wilderness

Unless we know how to be alone on purpose, not in a runaway alone, but an intentional pilgrimage, we'll never learn how to be with people. That's why I wrote yesterday's post. Not everyone knows how to be alone. I thought I did. I used to look forward to my days at the lake - until [...]

I Call Shenanigans

I DON'T DO CATFIGHTS Women who believe this: Don't understand this: A person might believe that the first statement is true empowerment, but it isn't. In reality, it's nothing more than fear biting. Telling me that I get to choose whether you are my best friend or my worst enemy  gives all of your personal [...]

Daring to dream without getting shot is not easy.

I've been down with this broken leg since October. That's a lot of time to think. I am learning a lot really. Living in a small town doesn’t mean you have to live small. Dare to dream and don’t burn bridges, you may need to cross them some day. If you are going to live [...]