Music Monday: Feelin Groovy, Simon and Garfunkel

My banjo teacher used to call me "High Strung." Some how, I don't think that was a compliment. I'm always in such a hurry to finish up whatever we are working on and get to the next plateau that I don't enjoy the moment. I'm the same way with losing weight, mastering cycling, and my [...]

Music Monday: Kenny and Amanda Smith, Catch Me if I Try

Published on Oct 8, 2013 Kenny and Amanda Smith perform "Catch Me If I Try," the title track from their 2012 album. Kenny is playing a 1939 Regal 12-fret Jumbo with mahogany sides and back and a red spruce top; Amanda is playing her Collings D1A guitar. Shot by the Fretboard Journal, north of Seattle, [...]

Music Monday: Banjo Pickin’ Girl, Leela and Ellie Grace

Even musician's get heckled. I just discovered these two and it seems they dropped off the planet about a year ago. All of their pages are dead, meaning no updates for a year. No clue what happened to them, but they seem fun. I always love women who can play banjo.  

What does it mean to fight like a girl?

I'm slow to this party. This video already has over 20M hits and I can see why. When did "like a girl" become an insult? I think this is totally worth watching... I want to show it to the Tulsa Diva's and every woman I know. WOW

Where’s The Freedom?

Fight and you may die, run and you will certainly live at least for a while and dying in your beds many years from now would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our [...]