Cat Stevens, On the road to find out… For Chris.

She's lost it. Did you hear she's a Democrat? She left our church! I bet she left God too. Nope... I didn't lose it. I didn't run away from home like you think. Truth is, I ran away a lot. Just not like you think. I ran away in my dreams and to the lake [...]

I Have a new “like me” on Facebook Page

Hi you guys -- just in case you didn't notice the "Like Deana" box to the left has changed. If any of you want to keep up with where I'm at and what I'm doing in comedy, I have a new Facebook Page - one that lists my actual name - I'd love it if [...]

Fun Friday At Lifepark Christian Fellowship

Marty Simpson is coming to Life Park Christian Fellowship on Friday, September 19, 2014 and because we want everyone to come who can, we are offering tickets up for a special discount price of $5 each. You can click on the above photo to order tickets or you can buy them at the door. All [...]

On Improvising: Music Can Dance if you let it.

And now for something completely different. Music Can Dance if you let it. “So, tell me about yourself”  doesn’t sound quite right when the person speaking is in the middle of a pelvic exam. My pelvic exam. What am I supposed to say to that? “Well doc, this time last year  you took my uterus [...]

Soggy Mountain Breakdown, Icebucket style

Okay, while it's true yours truly was challenged and chose to donate instead - people have really gotten creative with this whole Icebucket challenge thing. I wouldn't have the nerve to do what this guy did - love my banjo too much, I'd be afraid of ruining it. Still, I cannot believe he managed to [...]