What if I was sorry… WILD

I have this dream - it's reoccurring really, that my husband dies and I find myself alone - wondering who I am. And I set out, not on a one thousand mile hike per se' but more like a 400 mile bike trip trying to find my strength. I WANT to see this movie... something [...]

Friday Funny: Those Ain’t Pants by Anita Renfroe

I haven't posted a video of Anita's in a long time -- She's got a new one out and I love it. Anita Renfroe has some fashion advice for the ladies out there. All I can say is AMEN. There are just some things you cannot unsee.

The Truth and Freedom

14 months in a boot, sitting on a porch over looking a river = 60,000 words of life that now need to be sifted, sorted, and hopefully converted into something useful. I learned a lot about myself, and my story during that recovery time.  I looked at my trigger points for my temper, my joy, [...]

Music Monday: Downton Abbey (With My Bros) by Dave and Brian

These guys crack me up... If you want to see more of Dave and Brian you can find them here: WEB FACEBOOK TWITTER FCC Disclaimer: No goods or services have been received in exchange for this endorsement. I just think they are funny and thought my readers would as well. 

If you let go of nothing else, let this be the one.

I performed in a comedy contest two years ago. One judge told me to never perform comedy again after my first night. I had two more sets to do after that. Honestly all he did was piss me off -- I may or may not have semi-intentionally torched that bridge while I was still standing [...]