Blindsided by a side of crazy.

I'm baaack! Oh sweet mercies the roads I have traveled these last two years. Ups and downs. Joys and disappointments. Life abundantly. I will say this isn't my usual kind of post. At least not of late. Not that I've posted much lately, but you know. I meant to. Being distracted by a side dish of [...]

When you are too Google Friendly.

Have you ever Googled yourself? It's creepy. Granted not as creepy as the time some crazy chick googled "deana is a cheating redhead" and landed on my blog. Still. I am far too Google Friendly. As a comic that can be a good thing. IF Google picked up the right hat. Google doesn't always do that though. [...]

A Night of Comedy with Jonnie W

I'm excited peeps. My church, Life Park Christian Fellowship is hosting our second comedy show on March 7, 2015 with Jonnie W.  Entering the comedy scene with nothing more than a guitar and his razor-sharp wit, he has gone on to entertain multi-generational audiences nationwide. He blends musical chops, mad vocals, and off-beat standup for a [...]