Drunk People Lose Shoes by Kristin Key

I'm in NY visiting my mother right now and the internet is spotty at best up here in the Andirondacks. HINT HINT ATT, fix that! Anywhoo... I got a chance to catch Kristin Key's set at the Looney Bin in Tulsa before I left and this gal is a screaming riot. Thought y'all might like [...]

Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame Ted Talk

Shame cannot survive empathy. - Rene' Brown This is an outstanding speech. I think it's brave, intelligent and very well thought out. I'm happy she's found a place of peace.  Say what you will about her, this is a great message regarding the cost of social media, public humiliation, and shame. I think it's worth [...]

Friday Funny: He names his guitars

I've been married to a musician for 25 years. That takes Groupie to level crazy chic right there. I wouldn't trade it for the world even if our life does have it's quirks. He's awesome. For some strange reason, this joke scared my husband. Can't imagine why.

FW: Tulsa: Mark Lowry coming April 11

My girlfriend and I are going to see Mark Lowry this weekend at First Baptist Church in downtown Tulsa. There are still tickets available and if you want to come, click on the photo below for more information. Hope to see you guys there! And yes, for those who know my history with Mark Lowry [...]