I thought I was seeing things and had to look twice. This isn’t a catchy title, it’s real. Dark Chocolate cookies made with Avocados! – Oh my Gosh. I’m not domestic and yet I suddenly need to make these. Click on the READ MORE link above to see the recipe.

Things My Belly Likes

Not content with being the star of salads and every vegan’s go-to food, avocados have been making a bit of a splash on the dessert scene lately.

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The Fair is coming! The Fair is coming!

The Tulsa State Fair opens in 21 days! I can't wait. We went to see Third Day play there last year and while there I thought I'd be brave (another word for stupid) and try the Krispy Cream Bacon Cheese Burger. I don't suggest doing that. It wasn't pretty. It didn't even taste good. I [...]

Self Will Run Riot. No more Monday Menus

Scripture calls it being handed over to your desires. My 12 Step books call it an "Obsession of the mind" or "Self will run riot." Either way you put it, it means the same thing. God sits back and lets me work out my control issues until I'm dead tired, defeated, and humbled and remember that he is [...]

Monday menu : November 1, 2010

It's November, can you believe it? Where did October go? I was going to learn how to make Apple Butter in October, but I guess I procrastinated the month away because that never happened. I've been sitting here this morning, trying to plan my menu for the week and I hate to say it, but I've [...]

Monday Menu: October 25, 2010

I didn't post a menu last week, and you know what happened? I didn't follow a plan and I didn't lose weight. hmm. Coincidence? I doubt it. I learned something though. After two weeks of no sugar and not much flour, I had energy, my stomach didn't hurt, and I just felt better all the [...]

Tulsa Oktoberfest Starts Tonight

Tulsa Oktoberfest was rated in top ten Oktoberfests in the country according to USA Today.  I wouldn't go when the kids were little, but now that they are older, we try to go every few years or so during the day. It's always a fun time for the family.  Many people from our church work [...]