Things That Give me courage

It is the goofiest things really that give me courage; like that time I discovered that Bob Goff (Love Does) and I were wearing the same socks at a conference and I so badly wanted a selfie of our feet but didn't ask because that would be weird and I got a hug instead.     The Random [...]

Cat Stevens, On the road to find out… For Chris.

She's lost it. Did you hear she's a Democrat? She left our church! I bet she left God too. Nope... I didn't lose it. I didn't run away from home like you think. Truth is, I ran away a lot. Just not like you think. I ran away in my dreams and to the lake [...]

What does it mean to fight like a girl?

I'm slow to this party. This video already has over 20M hits and I can see why. When did "like a girl" become an insult? I think this is totally worth watching... I want to show it to the Tulsa Diva's and every woman I know. WOW

Wow, what a ride…

There is a saying in my circles that drives me absolutely crazy some times. "This Too Shall Pass." Honestly, when I'm in the middle of THIS, whatever it is, I'm not all that keen on seeing the temporary of my situation. All I can see is the now and the now stinketh much sometimes. Take [...]

Ya Got Trouble – or do you? A glimpse into the wilderness

Unless we know how to be alone on purpose, not in a runaway alone, but an intentional pilgrimage, we'll never learn how to be with people. That's why I wrote yesterday's post. Not everyone knows how to be alone. I thought I did. I used to look forward to my days at the lake - until [...]

Buh Bye iPhone, hello eyes (Why I no longer own a smart phone)

I'll never forget getting my first beeper -- granted I'm dating myself by admitting that. Do they even still use beepers? I just remember working at Sprint Communications. I was in charge of the data room in Chicago. I needed a beeper in case something happened and they needed me at the office. I was [...]

All I Ever Wanted

I made it to the parking lot. Then I made it to our car. The minute my hand touched the door handle, I collapsed into tears. Dropping our oldest off to college for the first time knocked the wind out of me and I cried the entire way home. All I ever wanted when I [...]

Robert Downey Jr is a Class Act All the Way Around and I’m a Puddle of Tears

I'll be honest, when my friend shared this video (via his blog - Save a Cactus Hugger) with me last week, I sat down and cried. I didn't cry because I'm such a fan of these two men. I am (and you my readers know that, probably ad nauseum I'm sure.) but that's not the [...]

Chasing Feathers

They really need to fix that whole REPLY ALL function in email by adding some kind of warning like "you are about to copy the universe with your opinion, are you sure you wish to do this?" type feature or something. That would simplify my life a whole heck of a lot. Granted, so would [...]