May you walk in beauty

We've awakened to a new day.  Trust that you can walk on whatever path is in front of you even if it feels like a side road or detour. It's your path so don't be afraid of it. No one is waiting at the end with a timer telling you that you were too slow. Put one foot [...]

When you are too Google Friendly.

Have you ever Googled yourself? It's creepy. Granted not as creepy as the time some crazy chick googled "deana is a cheating redhead" and landed on my blog. Still. I am far too Google Friendly. As a comic that can be a good thing. IF Google picked up the right hat. Google doesn't always do that though. [...]

Time to face the music

It’s reckoning time boys and girls. My office is a nightmare. No really. I’m not exaggerating. It is so jam-packed with stuff that I can barely walk in the room. I’ve resorted to using my lap top on my back porch just to avoid the mess. Only problem is, it’s winter and baby it’s cold [...]

Wow, what a ride…

There is a saying in my circles that drives me absolutely crazy some times. "This Too Shall Pass." Honestly, when I'm in the middle of THIS, whatever it is, I'm not all that keen on seeing the temporary of my situation. All I can see is the now and the now stinketh much sometimes. Take [...]

Walking each other home: Book review of Stitches by Anne Lamott

 "My time is limited. I'm dyingyou know. Not that anybody cares." Sigh. It is one of those conversations where I catch myself with one hand on the receiver and one hand on the ground so that the Earth's trajectory - and her self pity - doesn't send me hurling into space. "Are you going to die [...]

Chasing Feathers

They really need to fix that whole REPLY ALL function in email by adding some kind of warning like "you are about to copy the universe with your opinion, are you sure you wish to do this?" type feature or something. That would simplify my life a whole heck of a lot. Granted, so would [...]

We are all hypocrites and drama queens

There is a difference between a catastrophe and an inconvenience. While some of us are happy that President Obama won a second term, many are unhappy and are reacting as though this were an earth shattering catastrophe.  Let me make myself clear here -- Hurricane Sandy and the destruction to lower Manhattan and other parts [...]

Manic Monday: Making Courageous Choices

"I'm not a control freak, I just want everyone to be happy. Oh, and like me. Yes, I definitely want people to like me.  Why? Because that's the only way I can like myself." -- me Oh yah, no control issues here. Eye rolling is allowed. I may "waller in defeat" from time to time, as my [...]