What if I was sorry… WILD

I have this dream - it's reoccurring really, that my husband dies and I find myself alone - wondering who I am. And I set out, not on a one thousand mile hike per se' but more like a 400 mile bike trip trying to find my strength. I WANT to see this movie... something [...]

Robert Downey Jr Alert, The Judge Opens on October 10, 2014

I'm in New York visiting my mother at the moment otherwise I would totally be at opening day. As it is, I'll be seeing this movie with friends after I come home. This has an amazing cast and looks wonderful! Go see it! Let's make opening weekend a smash hit!

Have you ever seen a COMEDY tackle the sobering sin of ADULTERY?

Guest Blogger:  Christopher Shawn Shaw,  Director/Producer/Editor One Nightstand Starring Thor Ramsey, Kimberly Durrett, Charles Anteby and Nathan Ford. Directed by Christopher Shawn Shaw. Have you ever seen a COMEDY poignantly tackle the very sobering transgression of adultery? Well, here's the news! The long-anticipated ONE NIGHTSTAND Comedy ministry short film that I had the privilege of Directing and Executive [...]

Support Movies Filmed in Oklahoma: So This is Christmas

One of the fun things about having grown kids is having the time to be an extra in locally filmed movies. (This is my second movie as an extra. Wow what fun.)  This is a wonderful story for the whole family and is showing at the Circle Cinema December 2 - December 8. For more [...]

Cowgirls N Angels Goes on Sale Today

It isn't often great movies are filmed in Oklahoma, but when it happens we talk about it. Cowgirls N Angels was filmed here last year and several of us got to participate as paid extras. This was my first time on a major motion picture movie set. I had a blast. Cowgirls goes on sale today at [...]

The Avengers Are Coming!

While at the movies yesterday we saw the poster for The Avengers. I told my husband I really want to see that movie. He looked at the poster, and then asked why I wanted to see it. I said "The story line of course. " He smiled and said "That's like a man saying he [...]