Thankful November: Friends – Real and Imagined.

With American Thanks Giving being in November (My Canadian friends celebrated last month), I thought this would be a good month to write on being thankful. I was consumed in a post Halloween candy hangover rivaling brown bottle flu yesterday and I was not thankful for anything save perhaps my Tums. So I didn't write [...]

Voice: Who Speaks For You?

You can't find your voice if you only let others speak for you. I love the photo from istock. The person in the middle standing out in red with their arms in the air seems so freeing. A visual "ME! I'm here!" in a sea of beige. It speaks to me and so does the [...]

So much for daily blogging. I’ve been ill. Sorry.

Waking up to stomach pains that rivaled my labor pains all those years ago is not pleasant. Spending the night in the emergency room hoping the pain would go away is not how I wanted to start this month.  They checked me for everything under the sun, Hepatitis, Kidney Stones, Blockages, Cardiac Enzymes, Appendicitis and more I'm sure. [...]

Flying Monkeys

Does anyone remember that old saying, "Don't make me call my flying monkeys!" ? Yeah, it's been that kind of week. My husband is out-of-town and someone told the appliances, the dogs, and my hormones. If something isn't breaking and I'm not hot flashing in the middle of the night, the dogs are waking me [...]

Return: If I don’t return, it’s because he’s killed me

People often ask me what the secret is to being married for 21 years. Is it trust? Committment? Love? Nah -- I don't have life insurance. He can't afford to kill me. That's what I tell people anyway. This really nice broker has been making house calls to my home for two years in hopes [...]

Returning: It’s Always the Quiet Ones

It's always the quiet ones. Police tape and blood are scattered everywhere. The press interviews the neighbors they all say the same thing about the person who committed the crime, "They were so nice, and so quiet, I just can't imagine." I was nice you know. Really I was.  Way back when the world was my oyster and [...]

Ooh They Come in Pink!

Status on Facebook: So I'm shopping at Bass Pro with my wife and I'm talking to this guy about 7.1:1 vs. 6.4:1 reel ratios, 7 baring vs. 9, magnetic brake vs. Pin braking know, the usual stuff. Then we hear a voice behind us "Ooh! They come in pink"! My wife is now the [...]