Clean Comedy Tonight at the Comedy Parlor Tulsa

Come one come all to The Tulsa Comedy Parlor ( 328 E 1st St, Tulsa, OK 74120 in the Blue Dome District) at 8:00pm TONIGHT for a show so clean, you'll feel dirty missing it. Tickets are $10 at the door.  Its a great showcase of some of Tulsa funniest comics -- you won't want to [...]

Music Monday: Tim Hawkins Parody – Bono (U2) Leaving Without You

1. I love U2 - I have a die-hard crush on Bono. 2. Tim Hawkins is a screaming riot. For more samples of his music and comedy: If you want to know more about this super hilarious guy check him out here: FACEBOOK: TIMHAWKINSCOMEDY TWITTER: TIMHAWKINSCOMIC WEB PAGE:  TIM HAWKINS WEB FCC DISCLAIMER: No goods [...]

Friday Funny: Plunger on my Hip

Yesterday was my last day for physical therapy. My PT showed me how to use a kitchen plunger to break up scar tissue on my left hip and told me to try it at home. That was not a good idea. 1. I'm ADD 2. Plungers leave hickeys 3. They also stick really well. I'm [...]