Those weirdoes are your tribe

Seen on Facebook - credit to Butterflies and Pebbles - I like her and I think she's worth checking out. S.C Lourie. Author. Poet. Artist. Dancer. Voice for some. Hopefully. Mummy to her Butterfly and her Pebbles. & I make prints now 🙂 Get in touch.

May you walk in beauty

We've awakened to a new day.  Trust that you can walk on whatever path is in front of you even if it feels like a side road or detour. It's your path so don't be afraid of it. No one is waiting at the end with a timer telling you that you were too slow. Put one foot [...]

Blindsided by a side of crazy.

I'm baaack! Oh sweet mercies the roads I have traveled these last two years. Ups and downs. Joys and disappointments. Life abundantly. I will say this isn't my usual kind of post. At least not of late. Not that I've posted much lately, but you know. I meant to. Being distracted by a side dish of [...]