Verbal Abuse, Know the Signs

This is a reblog from Domestic Violence No More's Facebook Page. I believe this applies to men as well (I know men who are or who have been verbally abused by women). -- Verbal Abuse is insidious and often times, the abused doesn't even realize it's happening until it's too late. Characteristics of Verbal Abuse [...]

Where Did She Go?

It would appear that some lucky bug has come to roost at my house this month. It arrived just before Valentines Day and like a bad guest refuses to clean up after itself and leave already. I have learned from past experience that blogging while under the influence of cold and/or pain medication just causes [...]

What I’m Reading Right Now: Fully Alive by Ken Davis.

I am a huge Ken Davis fan. If you read my blog, you know that. I feel like I owe him a lot and I tend to gush when I talk about his impact on my life over the past 20 years. Depression does horrible things to people. I have friends who can't bring themselves [...]

My Back Porch, A Blanket and a Fire to Keep me Warm

I made a reference yesterday about the year I lost it. Those of you who've known me for a while know what I'm talking about, but for the rest let me fill you in a little. Life got crazy from 2003-2004 and while trying to handle everything on my own, I eventually snapped. You might [...]