A Subversive Revolution

This is my last resolve quote. I've sat on it for quite a long time. I looked up subversive and it doesn't sound like a nice person at all. It sound's rebellious. I'm not rebellious. (okay so that's a total lie.) And then I remembered, I said "tits" on a Facebook Post and I'm a [...]

Friday Funny: Give A Little, Laugh A Lot – Woody’s Corner Bar

This Monday, May 27, 2013 the Local Comedy Community will come together for a MARATHON COMEDY EVENT like you've never seen!   We will be taking items all night, and your donation could earn you some great tokens of our appreciation.   For anyone donating more than $100, you will be allowed to choose any [...]

Ode To Steve Martin

One of my favorite comics of all time, Steve Martin, has been traveling the country with a blue grass band called the Steep Canyon Rangers. My Lutheran pals might have heard them on  A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers are coming to Tulsa on August 24 to perform at [...]