Poem: The Cottonwood I lived in as a child…

Added 2:00 pm April 4. — Continuing with poetry month – my newest submission to the group — the prompt was “the cottonwood tree I lived in as a child.” In publishing this on my blog, I caused some confusion in my group — in light of that, I’m going to be more careful and probably keep my group writing separate from my blog writing. Learning a new thing means being willing to make mistakes.

The cottonwood tree I lived in as a child
sat on a hill
in a field far away.
Cattle lay with me
for respite from the heat.
A lone bull stood watch by day
and at night
hoot owls sang their song
while the moon rose
and cotton wisps
like wishes
flew through the air.

Poetry: Leather or Lace

April is poetry month. Today’s prompt was “A Little Love Poem.” Here is mine

Leather or Lace?

I used to be so afraid.

Of your size.

Your strength.

But your eyes speak peace.

You nuzzle my neck

I tickle your ears.

And we belong to each other.

The scoop swoosh scoop

of seamless motion

step by step

Hips in rhythm.

Fast or slow, we flow as one;

Even bareback.

I brush your hair.

And you eat out of my hand.

Sometimes you thump me on the head with yours

A love tap between friends.

And when you try to knock over the outhouse when I am in it

I know you love me too.