Clean Comedy Tonight at the Comedy Parlor Tulsa

Come one come all to The Tulsa Comedy Parlor ( 328 E 1st St, Tulsa, OK 74120 in the Blue Dome District) at 8:00pm TONIGHT for a show so clean, you'll feel dirty missing it. Tickets are $10 at the door.  Its a great showcase of some of Tulsa funniest comics -- you won't want to [...]

The Bee’s Knees

I recently spent a week in Tampa Florida, doing a Clean Comedy Show at Coconuts Club on St Pete Beech with friends. We had a four day run and after that, Joby, Michelle and I performed at the Ale and the Witch at St Pete Mall. Oh what an incredible week. I have great memories of St [...]

Let me guess, you’re a housewife.

I do not take vacations without my family and grown men do not ask me for my phone number. Well, except for that one time and that was a fluke. I swear. The airport staff at DFW forgot about me and left me sitting at the terminal in a wheelchair with a broken ankle. Not [...]

Easy? No. Worth it? Yes!

Sane women do not cut 14 inches off their hair, purchase $600 worth of MAC makeup, pack a car and drive 15 hours in one day for a three-day comedy contest. Especially if they've got less than 50 hours of stage time as a stand up comic and one book of jokes under their belt. [...]

Friday Funny: Give A Little, Laugh A Lot – Woody’s Corner Bar

This Monday, May 27, 2013 the Local Comedy Community will come together for a MARATHON COMEDY EVENT like you've never seen!   We will be taking items all night, and your donation could earn you some great tokens of our appreciation.   For anyone donating more than $100, you will be allowed to choose any [...]

What a ride!

Last night's interview on Slay N Savage was a blast. -- If you missed it you can CLICK HERE for the archive.  One of the questions they asked was how did I become a stand up comic. That's not an easy question to answer off the top of my head. It's been a crazy journey [...]

It’s My Faith, Not my Comedy, That Helps me “Cope”

"How do you separate the hyperbole from reality when you are with other comics?" It depends entirely on the location and the relationship. If we're friends we're real. But we're not always really friends, sometimes we're just peers. I can't believe you know so-and-so! That is so cool! No, I don't know them. But they are on [...]

Tim Hawkins and John Branyan are Coming to Broken Arrow

The screaming you heard on Saturday afternoon was my 18-year-old son finding out that I have purchased tickets to see his all time favorite comic, Tim Hawkins. I totally rock as a mom sometimes. When: Sunday, April 1, 2012 7:00 pm Where: Grace Fellowship on Garnet and 91st Street in Broken Arrow   If you've [...]

Breaking the rules.

"Let's face it, I'm at that age where the only way I can lose weight is to either cut my hair or shave my legs." -- Deana O'Hara If you are looking for a what not to say to an audience of mostly men, I can give you a list. There are three things men cannot easily [...]